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June 8, 2018

System started making films when he was a kid. Back in the old days of S-VHS and Super 8mm, 16mm. His inspiration to become a filmmaker doesn't have a particular memorable moment. Instead, it stems from his desire to tell a story and experimenting with new techniques.


June 7, 2018

Hazhir As'adi was born in Sanandaj, Iran. He graduated at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society and began making movies when he was twenty-two years old. Of all the parts of the process of filmmaking, he really enjoys writing. He has won various awards throughout the years....

June 6, 2018

Tom Hartig received a basic camcorder at the age of 12 and decided to make a mockumentary about his family’s dog dog. That was his first experience behind the camera. He eventually revisited filmmaking in high school, as part of a filmmaking class and continued regular...

June 4, 2018

Pennan Brae has been involved in writing music over the last decade. He used to write music video concepts for his songs. In total, he completed about 20 music videos. However, as time went on, he felt that 3 minutes was not enough to tell an unpredictable and compelli...

June 4, 2018

Eileen O'Meara really enjoys drawing. She began making movies in grade school with her friend Judie. According to Eileen, she made Super-8 movies with “Marlena Perkins' Wild Kingdom: Hunt for the Chocolate Mousse". Nowadays, she enjoys thinking of an idea and sketching...

June 1, 2018

Ever since Jonathan Vargas was five years old, he always knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. It all started with his love for Godzilla films. These films played a big part in his love for cinema, however, when he was introduced to Martin Scorsese, that was when he said h...

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