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Film Reels


CFF welcomes judges from all cultures and parts of the world. Because we are an online festival, all you need is an internet connection, commitment to volunteering, and a love of film! Let us know your availability in the application.


  • Committed to judging projects on merit (not their own taste)

  • Contribute ratings and reviews for each film you watch

  • Judge all assigned projects in a timely manner


  • Knowledgeable about film and film theory and/or scripts and screenwriting principles with (preferably) 10+ years in the industry
    - either professionally working in the industry or teaching on an academic level.

  • Be reliable with deadlines (all projects must be judged prior to selection notification date)


Time is flexible! Typically you have approx. 4-5 months to complete judgment on all assigned projects. However, all assigned categories/projects must be reviewed by the deadline given to you. We recommend taking a few hours each month for reviewing projects so the reviewing process is less overwhelming at the end of each session and the projects are judged in a timely manner. 


Your application has been submitted!

Thank you! Once your application is received, we will contact you if selected or if we would like more information. 

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