DiBona & Sangiovanni


A multiple award-winning composer born in 1974 in New Haven, Connecticut, Susan DiBona received her first instruction in piano and theory at age seven with the renowned concert pianist and composer, Leopold Godowsky III, the nephew of George Gershwin. He quickly recognized her exceptional talent, and the fact that she had perfect pitch. She soon began to improvise and compose her own pieces, and received the opportunity to study bassoon, cello, viola, flute, organ, and voice. Beginning her professional career at the age of 12, she worked in the years following as a studio musician, organist, accompanist, arranger, music director, and vocal coach for various projects in New York, Connecticut, and Buenos Aires. In her high school years, she was music director for various musical productions. During her later studies of music, European languages and literature at Barnard College and Columbia University, she worked as the music director and vocal coach for Bernstein's musical "On the Town", a co-production of Barnard College and Juilliard School; soon after, she received the opportunity to work as an instrumentalist at the prestigious Goodspeed-at-Chester Theater. She then acted as assistant music director/arranger for an American tour of "South Pacific" and for a European tour of a musical revue. After a long period of touring, she decided to stay in Europe, soon finding her way into the fertile music scene in Berlin, Germany. Paying her dues as a studio/live musician and arranger, she soon had the chance to work as a producer, composer and conductor as well, scoring for industrial movies and multimedia and writing various string and orchestral arrangements for pop projects. In May 2004, Susan was chosen to take part in the NYU/ASCAP Buddy Baker Film Scoring Workshop, studying under distinguished American film composers and orchestrators such as Sonny Kompanek, Mark Snow, Ira Newborn, and David Spear, among others. The workshop culminated in an orchestral recording session with New York's top-tier musicians (i.e. from the New York Philharmonic), where Susan conducted her own original composition created at the workshop. She has since conducted various studio orchestras as well as the Berliner Symphoniker. To date she has scored numerous feature films and TV movies, including 3 movies for the the long-running Geman hit Tatort. Susan DiBona works as a film composer, arranger, score producer, and conductor in Berlin, Germany and in southern Italy. She is also co-owner of film music production company The Villa Studios in Praia a Mare, Italy. She is fluent in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Shane Ruggieri

Shane Ruggieri, Sr. Production Engineer, Producer, and Colorist, Dolby

Part of Dolby Laboratories' Advanced Technology Group since 2010, Shane works as a Sr. Production Engineer, Producer, and Colorist. His experience spans 22 years across feature, commercial, corporate and entertainment genres. He has contributed his creative talents to projects for Apple, ARRI, Sony, LG, Chevron, Visa, Fox Interactive and Universal Studios, Carrie Underwood, Avicii, Enrique Iglesias, Elton John, Green Day and Elle Goulding, with feature color grading work including the multiple-award-winning Nowhere Girl and Lupe Under the Sun. At Dolby, Shane has contributed to several imaging tools and technology patents, is a Dolby expert speaker, and a trainer for Dolby Vision. He has authored and presented SMPTE-published papers including Breaking Out of the 100nit Box: A Colorist’s View of HDR Grading and A Perceptual EOTF for Extended Dynamic Range Imagery. His color work and insight is cited by MPEG to examine new video standards, industry resources, national and international print, online and broadcast media. Shane is the resident “golden-eye” for Dolby’s Applied Vision Science Group. He also manages the Innovation Theater and 3 post-production suites, and presents demos evangelizing Dolby ATMOS, Dolby Vision, color grading and the exciting future of storytelling to partners, clients and, really, to anyone who will listen. Shane holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Law & Society from University of California, Riverside and got his industry start as a Studio/Marketing Manager. He has worked as an executive producer, producer, editor before finding his passion as a colorist getting, his hands dirty telling stories with color and light. When he’s not working, you can find him walking his cat, binge-watching sci-fi and b-movies, or cycling long distances or up some stupidly-steep mountain.

Learn more about him at: http://www.shanemario.com

Erick Campos - Student Judge

Erick Campos is a musician, songwriter, and composer based in Orlando, Florida. With a great passion and understanding of a wide range of musical styles, Erick is known for creating compositions ranging from popular contemporary styles to classical and jazz.


He played in band through middle school and high school, but picked up the electric bass early in his high school career. That is also when he joined the alternative rock band, JANANI, who he has been with for over eight years. He has written and recorded more than a dozen songs with the band, who recently released their first full-length album titled, Duality. Their songs such as "Three Step System" and "First to Fall" have been featured on radio stations like TD1 Radio in Scotland, KALX 90.7FM in California, and BUD 94.1FM in Florida. 


Besides writing and performing original rock songs, Erick has played double bass in the UCF Symphony Orchestra since 2014. His performance career has included playing musical venues such as: House of Blues New Orleans, Hard Rock Hotel Orlando, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Erick is proficient in multiple instruments including piano and guitar, but specializes in electric bass and double bass. 


His education includes a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Central Florida, and instruction from Jeremy Birdsall on electric bass, Michael Hill on double bass, and composition from Dr. David MacDonald. Erick is trained in composition and performance of classical, jazz, and rock styles and will be earning a Masters degree in Music Composition from the University of Florida by Spring 2020.  


Nancy Mcbride

Nancy McBride has a natural gift for recognizing talent. It was no surprise years ago when from her own experience as a parent of gifted child actors she founded KidKasting.com.She soon became an authority, serving as an advocate for parents with kids in the industry. That lead her to the role she loves today, as a Casting Directing to both children and adults.Nancy is now the go to Casting Director for everything from Film, Commercials, Infomercials, and Industry videos. Her clients have included the likes of: Campus Crusades, MTV, CMT, Bass Pro Shop, Super Nanny, NASA, ESPN, C Media/HBO Casting, Atlas Films/Dr. G Medical Examiner, Jordan Direct, and many more.Nancy has served on numerous panels, and held workshops in the Film Industry. Nancy is highly respected among her piers for her ability to meet their needs above and beyond expectation. Nancy also brings to the any production a solid knowledge of actors unions, and the legal requirements for production. Nancy also Serves as Vice President of Women in Film and Television Florida Chapter as well as President of the Women in Film Sub Branch.

Wayne Stein

Wayne Stein, Ph.D., is a Professor in the English Department

A chapter called "Enter the Dracula: Asian Cinematic Vampires" will be included in Draculas, Vampires, and Other Undead Forms by Scarecrow Press soon. Five entries in Greenwood Asian American Encyclopedia has just been released. A new edition of Languaging Force X (LFX) -- the role playing game that promotes literacy, critical thinking skills and fun -- has been published. Stratagems, a new edition, was just published by Fountainhead Press. Fresh Takes, a composition reader, was also published by McGraw Hill. A chapter on anime vampires found in Vampire Hunter D, "The Western Eastern: De Coding Hybridity and CyberZen Goth(ic)" in Asian Gothic, is now out.

Developing a Service Learning Composition Class, online composition classes, and other online classes (Kung Fu Films, History of Rhetoric 2, and Cyberpunk Films and Literature), he tries to create classes that make a difference.

He was awarded the 2008 DaVinci Fellow from the "Oklahoma's Creativity Think Tank." He taught EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in Seoul, Korea, the place of his birth. He was the past president and past webmaster of OKTESOL. He has chaired and helped to chair five conferences: three OKTESOL Conferences, and a couple of Oklahoma Buddhist Conferences.

He was awarded the ESL Professional of the Year Award from OKTESOL (2003), the Service to the Sanga (Community) Award from the Stillwater OSU Buddhist Society (2003), Faculty Merit for Service (2004), and LA Creative Award (2004).

Dr. Stein has presented papers at international, national, and local conferences. He teaches Asian American literature, modern world literature, and cyberpunk fiction and is interested in the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the paranoia of Thomas Pynchon, and the postmodernity of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. He visited Vietnam (2002) as he prepared to teach his Vietnam War literature course.

He grew up visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles, watching Kung Fu films, and practicing martial arts, which were his ways of trying to act Asian. Thus, he brings much enthusiasm to his Kung Fu film class. Since Kung Fu films were influenced by the samurai films of Kurosawa, he also teaches a Kurosawa film class. Practicing the way of the sword (kendo), he is one of the sponsors of the Budo Society, the way of the warrior, and tells everyone to watch Red Beard, Toshio Mifune's last film with Kurosawa. He has also taught a course on graphic novels and on Anime (Japanese animation) and Manga (comics).

Believing in excellence, he has completed training under the Oklahoma Quality Awards Foundation. Promoting the benefits of technology, Dr. Stein has been the Liberal Arts Web-maintainer/master, the English Department webmaster, and the technical advisor of the UCO OWL, Online Writing Lab. He has been English Department Manager of Turnitin.com, fall 2003- spring 2005. He has promoted the idea of Lectureships for Composition Instructors.

Steve Marshal

Steve Marshall is known around the world as the “Ambassador of Magic from the USA.” This is not only for his award winning magic shows but also for bridging the gap between magicians of the east and west through his lectures and writings on magic.Steve began his magical career at just eight years old when he received a magic set for Christmas. He was trained in the art of physical comedy and clowning at the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown college in Florida before touring with the circus as a clown, magician, and fire eater for five years.After leaving the circus Steve moved to New York City with the thought, “if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere” and spent the next three years performing in comedy clubs, corporate functions and learning the art of street performing on the streets of New York City!  Steve then began working for the Walt Disney company where he created and performed his magic shows in their parks in California, Florida, and Tokyo.
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