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Volunteer Judge Terms & Conditions


Volunteer Judges are required to complete all judging assigned to them by the deadline they are given at the beginning of each session. If at any point they are unable to complete all assigned work, they are required to notify a Cosmic Film Festival staff member in a timely manner before the judging deadline is reached.


Volunteer Judges are expected to keep all festival entries confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding any posts that contain the backend of FilmFreeway, content that reveals information on an entrant's intellectual property, and any personal information on the entrant themselves.


Volunteer Judges shall not at any time during the length of their agreement, or after the termination of the agreement, make use of or disclose to any person or organization any trade secrets, confidential information or documents on the business affairs, transactions, work, processes or operating methods, dealings, finances or procedures of the organizations, persons, screen media, or screenplays that may come to their knowledge during their time working with Cosmic Film Festival. 


Volunteer Judges agree to not receive any financial compensation and/or reimbursement for the work completed during their time as a Volunteer Judge.

Volunteer Judges may not submit projects to the Festival during their time as a judge. They have a responsibility to exclude themselves from watching and judging any film they cannot impartially judge, including but not limited to, projects created by themselves, family members, or romantic partners.



Volunteer Judges give permission to Cosmic Film Festival to use their image and likeness to promote and market the CFF business and Judging team during the term of their Agreement. 


A volunteer may terminate their Agreement at any stage during the length of agreement and cease their duties.

If the Volunteer Judge is found to be in breach of this agreement, CFF can terminate the volunteer immediately.

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