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Lockdown Lust
Student Film | 7 minutes 28 seconds

Enduring perils of the COVID-19 pandemic, two teens grow acquainted within their university library, an encounter which leads them towards a less than academic afternoon.

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Burn the Bitch
Short | 15 minutes 2 seconds

Rob is dragged out of his familiar comfort zone to a concert, and as the universe works in strange ways, he meets the girl of his dreams. He meets Daria, a dark and mysterious Italian girl. An unlikely pairing but nevertheless, Rob and Daria strike up a loving relationship and share their polarizing cultures with each other. Whether it was his severe case of being ordinary or just blinded by love, unknown to Rob, Daria holds a secret about herself Rob may not be ready to comprehend. Burn the Bitch is a romantic comedy horror serving as a revisionist love letter to the films of Dario Argento and Mario Bava.

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Lunarcode: Cuttin' the Cord
Experimental | 4 minutes 30 seconds

Through our lives we come across individuals, circumstances, and possible opportunities that leave us in a position of needing to decide whether to trust it or go another direction. These people or events tend to be those that suck us of our energy, deplete us of our power, and stray us from our path. Though through every struggle comes a voice within that helps you overcome the hurdles. Cuttin' the cord is a song of release, a fighter song, a song of regaining your own power and discovering your true potential and following your inner voice. Putting your foot down and creating those necessary boundaries. Fighting against those who hold us down or tell us we are no good. Those who keep us in bound and stagnant energy while we try to discover our purpose here during our short time on Earth. The video is a symbolic artistic expression of these things.