Davey Jay, Entertainment Attorney

Davey Jay is a shareholder at Meehle & Jay, PA and the 2017-2018 Chair of the Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law (EASL) section of the Florida Bar. She dedicates her practice to the areas of Entertainment and Intellectual Property law. This includes negotiating and drafting various agreements; analyzing trademark search reports and filing registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office; assisting with rights management; and evaluating and assisting clients with claims of trade secret, trademark, and copyright infringement.  Davey’s clients are creatives, performers, dreamers, techies, makers, and designers, quite a few of whom work in many areas of the entertainment industry, including filmmakers, musicians, actors, agents, managers, promoters, writers, journalists, and production companies. She has worked on deals with major enterprises such as HBO, Warner/Chappell, Discovery, Telemundo, Sony/Columbia, and Sub Pop, as well as with indies and startups, and has represented Oscar and Grammy winners along with artists and creatives who are just beginning to embark on their careers. In addition to practicing law, Davey has been an educator for over twelve years. She created and taught Music Copyright & Publishing in the Music Business Bachelor’s program and Entertainment & Communications Law in the Film Production Masters of Fine Art program at Full Sail University. She loves coffee, Scrabble, indie rock, and crunchy leaves. She’s also the kind of nerd who read the Terms of Service for Pokémon Go just for fun.  

Legal Elite 
AV Preeminent Martindale- Hubble rating 
MEEHLE & JAY P.A. 1215 E Concord Street Orlando, FL 32803 
PHONE 407-792-0790 
WEB www.meehle.com 

Barry University School of Law, Juris Doctor 2005
University College London, College of Laws, Visiting Student 2004
University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Arts 2002
The Florida Bar
Orange County Bar Association
Women in Film & Television

Todd Thompson, Director/Producer/Writer

While he has enjoyed a career both in front and behind the camera in films such as The Green Mile, Rosewood, From The Earth to the Moon and TV's Dawson's Creek, Todd’s favorite role has always been that of a storyteller. Even as a boy, he experimented behind the camera as a writer, producer and director making short films with the help of his family and friends and his grandfather's 8mm camera.  His aspirations turned professional after re-locating to Orlando, Florida where he produced a series of award-winning films, including Time & Again starring Academy Award-nominee Seymour Cassel, Once Not Far From Home starring Erik Per Sullivan, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Daniel Hugh Kelly and veteran actor, James Best and This Man’s Life starring Michael Rooker, Bills Cobbs and Betsy Brantley. He is currently in production on two feature-length documentaries as well as a feature film about a group of Florida artists known as The Highwaymen.



For Todd, "Movies are the one thing we all have in common.  It all starts with a good story and a colorful cast of characters who are on a journey filled with enough ups and downs to keep your audience guessing and coming back from more!”


More information about Todd Thompson can be found at www.ToddThompsonOnline.com.

Larissa Greene Director of Education for Advanta IRA

She educates potential and current clients on the nearly limitless possibilities for self-directed IRAs and the few rules for investing in alternative investments in regards to IRS section 4975 (prohibited transactions and disqualified persons). She frequently lectures to investors and professionals and has been doing so for more than five years. Larissa has the very prestigious designation of Certified IRA Services Professional from the American Bankers Association and teaches classes used for continuing education for this designation, as well. hat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Lawrence Haber

Lawrence Haber has been a practicing attorney for 30 years, with the last 20 years devoted primarily to entertainment law.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of legal, business and union matters in the entertainment industry, including the production, distribution and sales of long and short form film and television programming, and the negotiating and drafting of agreements for financing, production, and distribution of such programming.  His clients also include software, web site, design and graphics companies. He represents production companies, talent, and producers in all phases of development and production in all types of media worldwide.  His legal experience is grounded in intellectual property, corporate, general business and transactional law.  He was an in-house attorney at both Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World for over seven years, with his last four years at Disney focused exclusively as Director of Business Affairs for original television programming.  Among other projects while at Disney, he packaged, negotiated and sold worldwide rights for two episodic television series.

Art Smith Jr, UPM

Art Smith has over 30 years of film/TV experience. As owner of his own production company, No Budget Movie Company, Art coaches new screenwriters and helps to produce their films at a low budget. He can credit teaching and mentoring over 390 individuals currently working in the television or film industry. Art's resume includes: "Standing Ovation", "Mysterious", "Bad Girl Island, "Survivor Island", "The Session," "Misguided," "Three," "Fashion News Live," "Mother's Day," "Ocean City," "Who Goes There?," "Didn't Say Goodbye," "Super Mario Brothers," "Good Morning Vietnam," "Causalities of War," "Soldier Boy's," "Angel Heart," "Snake Eyes," "Devil's Own," "Sweet Liberty," "Anger Management," and more. He is a member of American Film Institute, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences TV, Independent Feature Project, Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers, Audio Engineering Society and the National Assoc. of Broadcasters. Serves on the Board of Directors of Women in Film/TV Florida.

Jennie Jarvis, Course Director| Film Production Master of Fine Arts| Full Sail University

WJennie worked in the film and television industry in several major cities around the world. While working in Beverly Hills, she served as a script analyst, producing coverage for producers, investors, actors and writers. She has operated as a freelance script consultant for over fifteen years working with clients around the world, and she wrote and directed a number of short narrative and documentary films. Major credits include Accepted, The Matrix: Revolutions, American Idol and more.

Since returning to her native state of Florida, Jennie has successfully built and coordinated screenwriting contests as well as served as a judge for film, theater and writing competitions. She is the author of the award-winning textbook Crafting The Character Arc: A Practical Guide To Character Creation and Development, and has an active social media platform. She won awards for screenplays, essays, poetry and short fiction, and her writing appeared in Writer’s Digest Magazine and The Florida Writer. Jennie is a represented young adult novelist as well.

She currently teaches in the MFA Film Production program at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.hat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Victoria Jorgensen – Writer , Director & Producer

Victoria Jorgensen is an award winning Tampa Bay based filmmaker, writer and film festival organizer. She has attended the Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals annually since 1999 returning to Tampa Bay with programming suggestions for local area film festivals. Her films have shown at festivals around the world including a three woman show, “formato”, at Museuda Imagem R Do Som, in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Cannes Film Festival 2017.

Jorgensen began her film career in 1977, her senior year at the University of South Florida. She registered for a Visual Concepts class in the Fine Arts Department taught by Margaret Miller (current Director, Contemporary Museum of Art). She wanted to stretch herself, learning more about visual art, as she was working toward a degree in Creative Writing. In that class, Miller showed Un Chien Andalou, a surreal short film by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. Mesmerized, Jorgensen asked Miller to help her get into the Cinematography Department.  Miller introduced her to Charles Lyman, the Department Head and the show was on.

Jorgensen spent the next two years studying and making three films: Konya, Carbon and Kryptikos) under the tutelage of Lyman, San Francisco filmmaker Will Hindle and a plethora of amazing mentors. Jorgensen was actively immersed with the Chinsegut Film Festival, a unique annual gathering of filmmakers from around the world. See her documentary A Moving Feast (https://youtu.be/ReU0ETL22sc?list=PLK1DBht63dfVwKlpn08hbQxgFglAr8aOA).

As film became cost prohibative, Jorgensen took a long break before she returned to the world of filmmaking but this time with video. The world had changed and movie making became much more accessible to those without big studio budgets. Jorgensen reentered with a script (Penumbra) vetted and refined at Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge in 2000. She was selected as one of 20 screenwriters to study with film industry experts at a week long intensive Gotham Writers Workshop. Upon her return, she co-wrote and produced Red Flag Women, an award winning dramedy labeling several types of women who send up red flags. This ten minute short traveled the world on the film festival circuit and was translated into multiple languages. It was also aired on Canadian television and picked up for distribution by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

Jorgensen switched from narratives to documentaries for her next two films, the aforementioned A Moving Feast and Plethora (https://youtu.be/_afozZahkwo?list=PLK1DBht63dfVwKlpn08hbQxgFglAr8aOA), an award winning film about “stuff ”, which in addition to the festival circuit was part of a three woman show in Sao Paulo.  The documentary was also featured on Brazilian television.

Always trying to stretch her wings, Jorgensen co-wrote, produced and directed a narrative, The Evening Room
(https://youtu.be/Z9FqZtdOHuw?list=PLK1DBht63dfVwKlpn08hbQxgFglAr8aOA), with seventeen cast and crew members. The film highlighted several local actors who utilized clips from the film to win castings in 12 Years a Slave, Bloodline, Greenleaf, Spring Breakers and Army Wives.  

In 2012, Jorgensen was hired to write a feature length screenplay, Midnight Birds. That script is currently being shopped in LA. Jorgensen concurrently helmed a digital marketing firm for 31 years before selling the company to a key employee in 2016. During her tenure, she merged Florida Creative Alliance, a digital video creative group with the print/social media and web based firm to provide all aspects of in bound marketing. She was awarded a six video contract by the RNC committee to spotlight Tampa Bay and provide digital volunteer training through a super hero character. She won a Telly for the Welcome video shown opening night.

Over the past two years, Jorgensen created and produced a web series about the change in the Tampa Bay Area
(Tampa Bay Transformers). She interviewed several movers and shakers responsible for the changes in the fabric
of Tampa Bay, including Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn; Port Tampa Bay President and CEO Paul Anderson; Pres-

ident and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay, Santiago Corrada and Proprietor and CEO of Mise en Place, Inc., Maryann
Ferenc. The web series drew worldwide attention to the bay area by answering questions about what to expect
over the next five years. Jorgensen shot and moderated several pieces over the last few years for Tampa Bay Arts and Education Channel’s Filmmaker Spotlight. She won a second Telly for that series. Jorgensen has also written, produced and directed numerous commercial spots for web and broadcast TV.

Jorgensen attended Cannes Film Festival in May of 2017 with Tiny Bacteria, co-written written with writing partner Marina Shemwell and starring local actor Eugenie Bondurant (Tigris in Hunger Games Mockingjay 2). Tiny Bacteria was the first of a six part series called Now and Then. The second in the series, Half an Hour, starring Melissa Fair, will run the festival circuit starting with a showing at the SunScreen Film Festival in April 2018.

Jorgensen created the video installation “Your Turn” which had a sneek preview at The Art of Women one night show in March 2018. The installation provided a 4 x 4 viewing box for singular viewers to experience first hand a “friendly abuser” in action. Viewer response was emotionally raw and started many conversations from women and men running the gamut from fatherly concern to long held secret confessions of abuse victims.

Jorgensen is currently in pre-production for The Burg, a television series she is writing with Shemwell. She plans to produce the pilot by the end of 2018.

Nancy McBride

Nancy McBride has a natural gift for recognizing talent. It was no surprise years ago when from her own experience as a parent of gifted child actors she founded KidKasting.com.She soon became an authority, serving as an advocate for parents with kids in the industry. That lead her to the role she loves today, as a Casting Directing to both children and adults.Nancy is now the go to Casting Director for everything from Film, Commercials, Infomercials, and Industry videos. Her clients have included the likes of: Campus Crusades, MTV, CMT, Bass Pro Shop, Super Nanny, NASA, ESPN, C Media/HBO Casting, Atlas Films/Dr. G Medical Examiner, Jordan Direct, and many more.Nancy has served on numerous panels, and held workshops in the Film Industry. Nancy is highly respected among her piers for her ability to meet their needs above and beyond expectation. Nancy also brings to the any production a solid knowledge of actors unions, and the legal requirements for production. Nancy also Serves as Vice President of Women in Film and Television Florida Chapter as well as President of the Women in Film Sub Branch.

Denise Taylor Production Manager. Story Creator. Right-brain living in a Left-brain world.

Denise Taylor created L.A. Visions in the early 90’s, producing hundreds of promercial pieces for agencies and product managers in Atlanta. She has been behind the camera, in pitch sessions with agencies, and has cast actors and narrators in heavy industrial, youth marketing, and science comedy. (Yes. That’s a thing.) Denise spent a decade at The Weather Channel in Creative Services, followed by five years at ION Media Networks. She served as President and on the Board of Directors in the Atlanta International Television Association, and sat on the advisory council for the School of Journalism at Kent State University. She was published in Video Systems Magazine “From Both Sides of the Camera”, co-authoring with Actor John Doyle, featuring the unique connection and trust required between the director and the actor in preproduction, on set, and in post. Five-time ITVA Golden Peach Award winner; Recovering bee keeper; Amateur ballroom dancer; Average Cook, and most recently, Mother of the Clucker featured in her blog, “My Year as a Politically Active Chicken”.

Shaun Fisher, Music Supervisor, Music Producer & Talent Manager

Shaun Fisher is an accomplished multi-platinum songwriter and music producer. Shaun has written, performed and produced music for projects that range from local artists, celebrity stars, and big motion pictures with collaboration from top names in the entertainment industry including Steven Seagal, Gloria Estafan, Mandy Moore and popular films such as “Bring It On”, “Lizzie McGuire”, and “Miss Congeniality”.

Shaun’s journey started when he began developing his talents at the age of nine and continued into adulthood where he attended Berklee College of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (Music Composition Emphasis) from Rollins College with a thorough knowledge of music theory and technique which he personalizes to produce an eclectic mix of musical influences encompassing various genres from world to classical.

Shaun passionately creates music to spread joy and convey the celebration of faith and life. In addition to his music career, he spends quality time with his loving family and is also a youth mentor who works on empowering young minds to achieve the most from the potential they possess.

Shaun recently released Body & Soul (Goin’ Native Records), which is described as an eclectic collection of trendy worldbeat music featuring genres ranging from jazz to R&B with Caribbean, Latin and African influences. He’s a music director at Walt Disney World where he also performs live in the Animal Kingdom area of the amusement park. He’s currently writing and producing new music including a new 3rd album with Steven Seagal, an Arethra Franklin tribute, and more upcoming projects.

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Kenny Wilkerson, Musician/Reality TV STar

Kenny Wilkerson (Musician/Reality Star) Kenny Wilkerson has been a traveling musician for over 30 years. In 2011, he produced and starred in the hair metal documentary, “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”, which was repetitively aired on The Documentary Channel as well as featured on Netflix and several VOD outlets. He has been on several television programs and even had his own segment, “Indie Spotlight”, on the nationally syndicated morning show “The Daily Buzz”. Also, he has been featured in the theatrical release of “Hair I Go Again” featuring members of Motley Crue, Tesla, and Quite Riot among others and as a song in the soundtrack. His memorabilia is on display at The Smithsonian National Museum of American History and The Hard Rock representing 80s Metal. And currently is working on a highly anticipated book "Rockin Recipes for Autism" containing recipes from of your favorite rock stars with members of Ozzy Osbourne, Twisted Sister, Warrant, etc with proceeds to benefit We Rock for Autsim supporting autism awareness and acceptance.

Carl Borden, Music Supervisor/Composer

Carl Borden is a multi-award-winning and Billboard charting record producer, composer, and audio engineer. He is a member of The Recording Academy, The Producers and Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy, The Audio Engineering Society, and serves on the advisory board for Orlando, Florida’s Local Music Guild. Carl holds a degree in Sound and Music Technology from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida along with technical certificates in digital audio production and music production from Valencia College and Orlando Technical College – Orlando Campus, respectively.

Breathe, Borden’s second album after the award-winning Echoes of Bliss is in stores now.

Stefanie Davie, Woman in Film

Stefanie began as an actress and in 2015, she started to step behind the camera as a director and producer in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Films such as "The Skin You’re In," "Speed Dating," and "I Now Pronounce You" made their debuts with glowing reviews. Her production company, Bouncy Boxer Media, has won several awards including Best Film for “Speed Dating,” Best Film for “Alexis,” and Best Costume Design for “I Now Pronounce You.” In 2018, the company will continue to create comedic films, webisodes, and work toward their first feature film.

Mary Rachel Dudley, Actress

Mary Rachel Dudley has been a SAG actor for 22 years.  Upcoming, you can find her in Trail by Fire starring Laura Dern and an exciting tv series she can't yet disclose. Recent work includes Discovery's Manhunt: Unabomber; Rob Reiner's LBJ with Woody Harrelson and the Florida Netflix series Bloodline.   For the last eight years, Mary Rachel can also be found on the other side of the camera directing and producing short films.  She, with Her Little Red Productions, produced the award winning documentary Beneath the Crown, which just premiered in Paris.  Her current projects are the documentary A Peaceful Warrior (about Florida based death penalty attorney Richard Watts) and the short mockumentary A Life Well Framed.

Tara Renee, Blood Moon Labs

Bio Coming Soon

Beth MacLean, Costumer/Producer/Show Host

Beth MacLean has been around sewing and needle arts as long as she can remember. She was hugely influenced by her grandmother; who’s first job was sewing costumes for ballet companies in NYC. She later worked for designer Hattie Carnegie; one of her clients was well known Hollywood actress Claudette Colbert. Her mother is an expert in needle arts. Beth studied fashion and costuming at Indiana University. She created her costume workshop originally for stage actors, honing her craft with local acting troupes. She has worked as a dresser, a wardrobe manager, costumer; and is currently Costume Designer for the TV series, Transcend. Her passion is creating the look for each character using garments that enhance the character’s essence at first glance.

Stacy Brown

Hailing from the swamps of Florida is 34 yr old Stacy Brown Jr. Voted 2016's Bigfoot researcher of the year Stacy spends most of his time searching the swamps for the elusive beast they call the Skunk Ape. Stacy is part of the winning team on Spike TV's "10 million dollar Bigfoot bounty". He has also been featured on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot", Fox News and the New York Times among others. Stacy got his first start into Skunk ape research when he and his buddy had an encounter on November 6th, 2011. After becoming enthralled with the subject he and his father were able to capture what some people call "the best piece of thermal footage ever caught". To date the footage has not been debunked. 

When he's not in the swamp swatting mosquito's, Stacy is a director and filmmaker. In December of 2017 Stacy won The Kia of Tallahassee’s commercial contest. Then in January he released his first documentary “Roswell: 70 years later”. 

Stacy is also the front man for the hard rock band "Stacy Brown and the Big Bad Wolves". In addition to playing rock n roll Stacy is also an actor. In his first film "Interview a monster" he stars as Tom Green's (MTV) nemesis and Les Stroud's assistant which has a release date August of 2018. 

Recently he turned his research group "The Florida Skunk Ape Project" into a non-profit organization that gives free skunk ape expeditions to veterans, special needs and underprivileged children

Scott Marlowe, Producer/Writer/Directer

Scott Marlowe, A Fellow 0f the famed Pangea Institute and educational consultant to The American Primate Conservation Alliance, is the first expert in the field of cryptozoology to succeed in establishing an on-going college-level course in that subject at a state institution of higher learning

anywhere in the world.


His course was hailed as one of the "Top Ten" news stories of 2004 by The Cryptozoologist, a well-known insider eMagazine, won both accolades and awards for its fresh approach and application of forensic science methodologies to the study of enigmatic animals.


The author of “Cryptid Creatures of Florida,” (originally published by CFZ Press of Great Britain) Marlowe “literally wrote the book” on Cryptozoology in the Sunshine State. This acclaimed work was followed by “Bigfoot Enigma”, “Bigfoot in Art History”, a series of volumes on “Florida Fossils”, a history of the “Origins of Golf”, and now, “Squallies” his first fictionalized novella about a pre-World War II government experiment on producing super-soldiers by cross-breeding humans with apes.


Marlowe has also created several television program concepts and penned two screenplay adaptations of published works written originally by other authors.

Gary Roen, Author (Panel Moderator)

Gary S. Roen, author, nationally syndicated book critic/writer, consultant has been writing close to 45 years.  He is the author of “Slotski’s World” a forthcoming title from Taylor and Seal Publishing,  “Journey, A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories” Legacy Book Publishing and the co-author of “Cats Cats and More Cats Royal Fireworks Press Roen is the author of two books of poetry, “Look at Me World,” Chateau Publishing, “Made By Man” Nest Egg Publications; his poems have also been published in numerous small magazines.  He has published in short story collections like Computer Legends Lies and Lores Ageless Press, Anotherealm SF magazine, and Mercury Sky online.   He is also the author of a satirical play entitled “Vamp

      His syndicated reviews have appeared in hundreds of daily, weekly newspapers and other periodicals that currently include Midwest Book Review, West Orlando News, Sodo News, Orlando Advocate, St. Cloud In the News, Osceola News-Gazette, Bivouac Magazine, Arrhythmic Souls and Beach Side Reader Brevard County Florida.

      His articles have appeared in such publications as Strange New Worlds, City Limits, Florida Card and Comic Trader, Alley Cat Magazine, Crime Book Digest, Eleven Magazine, Backstage Pass, and West Orlando News

     Over the many years of his career Roen has been the Promotion/Sales Representative for several publishing houses.  He was a regular on-air contributor to the following radio programs Larry Steele WPUL  1590 am, Jim Turner show WBZW 1520 am and Tammy Green “Let’s Talk About It WOKB 1680 am.  He was a talk show host for “Spaceship PRK”on Rollins College radio station incorporating interviews, reviews and news on current book releases, as well as a co-host on a weekly radio talk show on “Desperate and Dateless”  WGT 540 AM and he was also the roving reporter for “The Tourist Breakfast Travel Show” on Station WOKB 1600 am, He frequently appeared on The Michelle Valentine show on cable and also works for numerous companies in the field of market research in the Central Florida area as an independent contractor  

     He is also a publishing consultant to authors and publishers in all genres. 


Lindsey Fuller Sandrin

Lindsey Fuller Sandrin. Director of Film and Digital Media, Orlando Film Commission

Lindsey grew up in the commercial production industry, working for her dad and uncle, both of whom are Film Florida Legends. Orlando-born and Cleveland, OH-raised, Lindsey graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Communications and found her way back to central Florida. After a brief five-year stint in the advertising industry with Monster Media, Lindsey came running back to the production world by way of the Orlando Film Commission. There, she oversees any and all film permitting within the Orlando region, working to keep the city's long-standing history of commercial production alive.

She and her Canadian husband live in Orlando with their three crazy pups.

Gene Culver

Gene Culver, the CEO of Music Drizzle, is focused on Sync licensing, copyright and music A&R placement. He comes to Music Drizzle by way of managing multiple artist in the early 90’s. Gene spends most of his time working with indie artist, producers and song writers. He helps them produce music for client projects. His publishing company manages Grammy nominated and Grammy award winning producers, music and catalogs for sync licensing
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