Cosmic Film Festival 2018 panels will be announced soon. In the meantime, take a look at our 2017 panels.

2018 Workshops & Panels

Note: All panels include Question and Answer sessions after a brief discussion.

Filmmaking: From Script to Screen

Panelist: Art Smith, Jr., Todd Thompson, Jennie Jarvis Moderator: Ranelle Golden

Join in on a lively discussion that covers all of the different areas of filmmaking from the people who work in the industry. From Development, Pre-production, Production and Post, you will gain valuable insight from those who have been making a successful living working in the film industry.

Legal Requirements: Chain of Title

Presented by: Davey Jay, Head of the Florida Bar Entertainment & Sports Law

So you want to make a movie?  Here we will take a look at what documents, contracts and releases you must have for your film or television show. What are the issues if you don't? What remedies do you have if any?  We will also all time for a Question & Answer Session for any topic related to filmmaking. 

Film Finance & IRS Seciont 181

Present by Art Smith Jr & Larry Haber, Entertainment Attorney

Come and ask your questions about film finance.  Find out about the IRS Section181 rule.  How does it benefit the Investor? How does it benefit the Filmmaker.

Financing with a Self-Directed IRA

Presenter: Larissa Greene

Talk with an Expert about using IRA's for Funding Films through Self-Directed IRAs & the Tax benefits.  

Screenwriting: What you need to know.

Presented by: Jennie Jarvis

Come learn the basics of Screenwriting!  Then ask questions. ..

Music in Film & Television

Panelist Inlcude: Shaun Fisher (Multi Platinum Sonwriter), Kenny Wilkerson (Musician) Carl Boren with Moderator: Ranelle Golden

For Musicians & Filmmakers: Let's talk about how to get the musician into film & television.  How to attract the attention of a Music Supervisor & where to place your music to be discovered. How to get the best original music for your film or television show? What it really takes? How to work together for mutually beneficial relationships on all budget levels, including no-budget. 

Paranormal Adventure in FIlmmaking

Panelist Scott Marlowe and Stacy Brown Moderator: Gary Roen

An interactive Q&A style panel.  Sit down with Writers, Filmmakers, Special FX Experts and Researches to talk about creating television or film in the Paranormal, Unexplained and Horror.  This informational panel will cover topics from how to prepare and research your topics to realistic special fx. Talk to the Writers, the Experts and people who have been involved in numerous projects from documentary to narrative films & television projects. 

Women in Film Q&A Session

Present by: Mary Rachel Dudley, Jennie Jarvis & t/b/a Moderator: Ranelle Golden

Join us for an open discussion about being a Women in the Entertainment Industry.  What defines success for us? What holds us back? What, if anything have we had to over come?  Let's talk about it from all perspectives. 

The Business of Acting: Auditions and Casting

Presented by Diane Taylor

This is what you need to know to submit the right way for auditions, and what to expect from the Casting Directors and Producers.

Interactive Exploration of Costuming for the Working Actor

Presented by Costumer Beth MacLean

Come join us for a hands-on exploration of costumes and the relationship of costume to TV, film and stage characters.  The workshop is composed of 3 main areas of focus. The first main component is a brief History of Costume, a review of historical period clothing through the centuries and decades of the modern era. The second area is costume as it relates to character, and the third is costume as it relates to character,perception.

Special Effects: Injuries & Blood

Presented by: Blood Moon Lab, Tara Renee

A hands of workshop dedicated to basic fx found in most films.  Learn how to use the best products for quick injuries on set. Break down blood colors, the pros & cons of the types verses lighting. Then take part in demos of realistic wounds while learning about the products you can use for different elements of the wound and how they affect it.

MUA (Beauty Focus)

Present by: Tara Ranee of Blood Moon Labs

A Question & Answer Session about basic beauty make-up used in every film. Whether you are an MUA or the Filmmaker/Producer behind the film you need to understand what goes into this vital area of filmmaking.  Here we will talk about corrective make-up, blemishes & skinn issues in this HD world. Understand the right make-up for the character, product knowledge ( what to use on what skin types) . We will also explore what products to use when shooting in HD 4k and different lighting along with the elements.  

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