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Feeling the heartbeat of film

Pennan Brae has been involved in writing music over the last decade. He used to write music video concepts for his songs. In total, he completed about 20 music videos. However, as time went on, he felt that 3 minutes was not enough to tell an unpredictable and compelling story. That was when he realized he needed to start making feature-length films.

As always, the budget can be a challenge, he admits. However, finding the right people is also crucial. He says that the bigger crew one has, the more comfortable the shoot tends to be. In this film, he could not afford a large crew, so extra work and dedication were required. Regarding this subject, he said: “Sometimes we’d act in a scene and then move the sandbags and lighting around for the next angle! But passion was involved so that seemed to give us lots of energy.”

Therefore, he feels greatly rewarded when he completes a project. Plus,

he loves to collaborate with different people and loves the surprising ideas that flourish with these interactions. Pennan loves storytelling. Everything he learned about filmmaking was self-taught. He really enjoys the union of music and film. So much so, that he truly loves to put the two together.

Pennan’s film is called “The Astronot”. It’s a take-off on the word ‘astronaut’ and depicts the story of a young boy who longs to become an astronaut, but is unable to.

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