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Ranelle Golden | CFF Original Founder


Ranelle Golden is a Screenwriter, Director, Producer, and Author. She is best known for her screenwriting and producing work on "Legacy of Love", "Harvey", "Don't Shoot The Messenger" and "Transcend" (Available on Amazon Prime). Her multitude of experience in the creative field extends to novel writing, with the release of her book "Twin Curse: The Rise of Percupus", which is currently available on Amazon and Kindle. Ranelle has received many awards and recognitions for her work including "Best Trailer" in Los Angeles Film Fest Super Indie (2021) for "Legacy of Love", "Best Short" in Avalonia Festival (2018) for "Transcend Ep. 1" and "Best Short Film/Trailer" in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (2019) for "RISE". 

Ranelle has over 20 years of experience in writing, but she began her journey with a passion for music. In her early 20s, she worked hard toward a career in the music industry by writing original music and singing with her band. Marriage and children eventually added another wonderful dimension to her life. Inspired by her kids, she took to writing children's books including "The Frog Prince" and "The Shy Boy" in the early 2000s. Though, it wasn't long before music called her back, except in a new way - by offering children and teens the opportunity to explore their creative side through music and arts. Ranelle opened a successful performing arts academy, complete with a black box theater. Over 400 students attended and performed during their time at the academy. Sadly, she had to close the academy due to serious health issues that caused blindness.


Upon diagnosis, she was told she had a rare idiopathic eye disease with no cure. This meant she could be permanently blind and unable to work in the creative field she loved dearly. Ranelle was devastated. But that didn't stop her for long. After fighting for a solution, Ranelle found a specialist who was willing to help her. Eventually she was able to regain some of her eyesight back and was again inspired to bring her creative vision to life. Feeling like she had a "second chance", she embraced her roots in writing and drafted her first screenplay. With new focus and energy, she was also able to complete her first novel, "Twin Curse: The Rise of Percupus". This ignited a new passion for writing that she had not felt before. From this realization, her first short film, "Saving Amy" was born. In mid-2011, Ranelle began developing her first two television concepts. She has since gone on to write, cast, produce, and direct more than 20 film productions.

Ranelle established Cosmic Film Festival out of a desire to bring passionate filmmakers of all backgrounds together and to inspire audiences to indulge in media beyond the mainstream. ​Ranelle Golden is truly a "creative" who has had experience in every division of the industry - music, writing, television and film. Coupled with drive and ambition, she is unstoppable.

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