• Ranelle Golden


A talented filmmaker, overcoming the challenges of dealing with being a real-life care giver to his father, who suffers from dementia/Alzheimer’s, Joe Boi still manages to keep his eye on the end goal. Creating award winning true to the horror genre film, and owning a production company that competes with the likes of Blumhouse or Lionsgate in the horror market is a top priority for Boi.

Joe Boi is going to draw you into the creepy world of Darklings, with his new film. It’s only going to take a few seconds and for the horror fans you’ll be hooked on this Florida Horror Film Festival winner. This is Boi’s first film, in which he was writer, producer and director. Inspired by the great horror films, it was Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street that made him decide to make great horror films. As a filmmaker, Boi can draw from the history of horror stories across the globe, and create something all horror lovers will appreciate.

This talented filmmaker also enjoys acting and writing. His high school days, gave him the acting bug, and as long as he’s doing what he loves he knows his successful. “I’d love to thank my parents for deciding to have me and, of course, God for blessing me so much in my life.” Boi tells us.

For the young filmmakers or those just starting out, Boi has this advice “Read, read, read, watch, watch, watch, create, create, create!” and “Don’t worry too much about time. Like Nike, just get there and do it. For we’re never killing time; but, time is killing us.”

To learn more about Joe Boi visit him at IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2810726/. Then come see his film Darklings at the Cosmic Film Festival.

For tickets and more information visit: www.cosmicfilmfest.com

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