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Wayne Stein, Ph.D. | CFF 2021 Judge

Wayne Stein, Ph.D., is a Professor in the English Department

A chapter called "Enter the Dracula: Asian Cinematic Vampires" will be included in Draculas, Vampires, and Other Undead Forms by Scarecrow Press soon. Five entries in Greenwood Asian American Encyclopedia has just been released. A new edition of Languaging Force X (LFX) -- the role playing game that promotes literacy, critical thinking skills and fun -- has been published. Stratagems, a new edition, was just published by Fountainhead Press. Fresh Takes, a composition reader, was also published by McGraw Hill. A chapter on anime vampires found in Vampire Hunter D, "The Western Eastern: De Coding Hybridity and CyberZen Goth(ic)" in Asian Gothic, is now out.

Developing a Service Learning Composition Class, online composition classes, and other online classes (Kung Fu Films, History of Rhetoric 2, and Cyberpunk Films and Literature), he tries to create classes that make a difference. He was awarded the 2008 DaVinci Fellow from the "Oklahoma's Creativity Think Tank." He taught EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in Seoul, Korea, the place of his birth. He was the past president and past webmaster of OKTESOL. He has chaired and helped to chair five conferences: three OKTESOL Conferences, and a couple of Oklahoma Buddhist Conferences.


He was awarded the ESL Professional of the Year Award from OKTESOL (2003), the Service to the Sanga (Community) Award from the Stillwater OSU Buddhist Society (2003), Faculty Merit for Service (2004), and LA Creative Award (2004). Dr. Stein has presented papers at international, national, and local conferences. He teaches Asian American literature, modern world literature, and cyberpunk fiction and is interested in the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the paranoia of Thomas Pynchon, and the postmodernity of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. He visited Vietnam (2002) as he prepared to teach his Vietnam War literature course.


He grew up visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles, watching Kung Fu films, and practicing martial arts, which were his ways of trying to act Asian. Thus, he brings much enthusiasm to his Kung Fu film class. Since Kung Fu films were influenced by the samurai films of Kurosawa, he also teaches a Kurosawa film class. Practicing the way of the sword (kendo), he is one of the sponsors of the Budo Society, the way of the warrior, and tells everyone to watch Red Beard, Toshio Mifune's last film with Kurosawa. He has also taught a course on graphic novels and on Anime (Japanese animation) and Manga (comics). 


Believing in excellence, he has completed training under the Oklahoma Quality Awards Foundation. Promoting the benefits of technology, Dr. Stein has been the Liberal Arts Web-maintainer/master, the English Department webmaster, and the technical advisor of the UCO OWL, Online Writing Lab. He has been English Department Manager of, fall 2003- spring 2005. He has promoted the idea of Lectureships for Composition Instructors.

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