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Honorable Mention

VORTEX the dawn of sovereignty
Genre: Sci-Fi
Run Time: 1 hour 11 minutes


2047. Every human being is identified, traced and large surveillance and censorship networks have been developed. A few freethinkers have created an encrypted network of alternative research and information, making it harder for law enforcement to track down.
Among them, Serena, a teenage girl is secretly developing glasses to reveal vortices, doorways to other dimensions. What will this opening to the unknown unveil?

Michel Rousseau signs his first feature Science Fiction film, meant for an Awakening, taking on many hats including those of screenwriter, director, special effects, music etc ... Four years were required to achieve this unique concept that offers new thinking approaches to our Human experience and our future.

For The Sake of Ava
Not Available
Run Time: 1 hour 40 minutes


A theater group of teenage girls in Iran accept their show to participate in a prestigious festival abroad. The main actress, named Ava, is a girl with an Iranian mother and an Afghan father, that's why she doesn't have a birth certificate or passport. The director of the show decides to replace Ava with a boy to solve the problem, but the other members of the group decide to do anything for Ava, the passport producer, from bribing the employee of the passport office to taking the head of the passport office hostage and even leaving illegally with human trafficking...


Happen to Happen
Genre: Surreal/Fantasy
Run Time: 48 minutes 39 seconds


Follow Noori's journey as she tries to return her friend, Sena's cat, Tori, in this adventurous and heartwarming tale. Things take an unexpected turn when Noori mistakenly hops into a driving school car instead of a taxi, leaving her stranded in an unfamiliar town. From losing her phone and credit card in a sewer to spending a night in an old van, Noori encounters numerous obstacles on her way to delivering Tori to Sena's aunt. Along the way, she discovers a newfound appreciation for the feline and even opens up her heart to Tori's affectionate nature. But will Noori's efforts be in vain when she discovers that Sena's aunt has no interest in Tori? Join Noori on her emotional journey as she embarks on a mission to reunite Tori with her rightful owner.

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