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Christine Rifkin Festival Judge

Christine Rifkin is an accomplished fiction writer and screenwriter based in Central Florida. She began writing at a young age, submitting short stories for publication in literary magazines across the United States while still a high school student. Christine spent a significant amount of time as a news writer and journalist for local news outlets, writing and revising scripts as well as assisting on the production of several news segments, including the coverage of the 2008 Presidential election. Her interests turned to screenwriting in 2011, and she earned an English B.A. with a concentration in screenwriting in 2013. After a break and a short journey into technical writing, she continued her screenwriting education and completed a Master’s degree in English, with a concentration in screenwriting, in 2021.


Throughout her college career, she has entered scripts into various competitions, making the quarterfinals in both the 2022 ScreenCraft Horror Competition and the Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition (Season 3). Since completing her Master’s degree, Christine has been involved in virtual script feedback sessions as well as judging script submissions for film festivals and competitions. Though she has a passion for horror, she is interested in creating and supporting stories that most people have never heard before, no matter what the genre. In her personal life, Christine lives with her husband and black cat, Covie, who provide her with all the love and support a working writer could want.

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