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Filmmaker TL Westgate has a few dozen films to his credit. According to Westgate, “You have to get all the mistakes and bad films out of the way before you can really produce what you’re capable of.” His latest work, Shadows in the Dark, brings the old time Private Eye Film Noir vibe to the screen as an Official Selection of Cosmic Film Festival. He wrote, shot and edited Shadows for a 48 hour film challenge. Time was his biggest challenge with it, but the film turned out great.

Westgate started his filmmaking journey in high school, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he began taking a more serious approach by hitting the festival circuit. His initial knowledge of filmmaking came from one of the best sources of all: watching television and film. Though Westgate did get a degree in media production, the process has changed a great deal since then, so he’s relied on his own abilities to keep up with the digital age.

When he was younger his Grandparents dragged him to Raiders of the Lost Ark. When he started watching he had no idea what he was in for but when it finished, he left with a calling. “It made me realize what films could do.” he said. His favorite genre is comedy, with sci-fi running a close second. However, it’s the audience and their laughter that really matters to this filmmaker. While he’s not counting on Hollywood to come calling, he plans to keep making movies for his audience. Having a happy audience is the best reward a filmmaker with a heart like TL Westgate can have. Though, Westgate also feels his biggest success is when other filmmakers seek him out. “For peers to want to collaborate is high praise, indeed!” Westgate tells us.

“To everyone who works on projects with me, and my friends and family who support me, I can’t say thanks enough. I just want it to be a fun ride for all involved.” Further TL Westgate says, “Some last words to fledgling filmmakers – the best thing is to look back on your old work and hate it. That means you’re improving!”

Learn more about TL Westgate and his films by visiting his website: then come see his movie at Cosmic Film Festival

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