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Audience Reaction Measures Success for Filmmaker Sebastiano Pupino

Sebastiano Pupino dreamed of becoming a filmmaker after watching Mulholland Drive for the first time. “I was like, ‘oh you can do this with a film? I must try!'” but it wasn’t until a few years later that he got his hands on a camera and started filming. He learned the art of film-making: “90% by filming and working in the film industry,” and “10% from film school.”; watching anything that he could get his hands on and learning from experience.

Pupino has made many films over the years but Gadget, a Sci-Fi short, is his latest film to be released. According to him, Gadget’s post production was, “quite intense.” There were different shots, many with heavy VFX. “I didn’t know how to merge everything at all.”, he tells us. Fortunately, he had VFX artists that managed to work out the kinks, and with great challenges can come big success.

Gadget is the first of his films to be screened worldwide “Screening to an audience, either small or large, and being able to excite them is the most important achievement I can aim for.” says Sebastiano Pupino. Longterm, he would like to make 2-3 feature films before dedicating himself to something different. Though he is excited for the success of his latest film, Gadget, and the global screenings and recognition it has gotten.

See Gadget at Cosmic Film Festival:

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