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Greg St. Pierre’s Motto: Treat Your People Well & Always Strive to Entertain

Greg St. Pierre has always been a movie buff. His favorite genre being Sci-fi for it’s “limitless possibilities.” Though, he learned the art of film-making through watching various “The Making Of” films and participating in local projects as an actor or assistant. In fact, the opportunity to play a cop in a local indie film is what sparked his interest in creating movies.

St. Pierre is fairly new to the world of film-making. His film, Save the Mosquitoes, being the second film he has directed. “I’m very much still learning.” he says, ”The movie industry is extremely difficult to break into.” However, he’s always up for the challenge and strives to entertain. His first film, PIZZA, a parody of COPS, received applause and laughter all around before earning the 2012 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Award in the comedy category. “That was amazing!” Greg tells us. “Two writers from Adult Swim (whose own film ours had beaten) approached me and told me they loved my film. I’ll never forget that.”

His advice to other filmmakers: Treat your people well. He suggests that an open-minded approach is the most fruitful in this industry. “My films benefit greatly from considering the opinions of those around me.” To be a filmmaker, you also need to “enjoy solving problems because Murphy’s Law is always waiting to pounce on set.” Don’t let that deter you, however. “The satisfaction comes from beating Murphy and his damn Law and getting your film finished.” he explains. Greg’s film, Save the Mosquitoes, will be played at Cosmic Film Festival.

See PIZZA – a comedy short. Watch Save The Mosquitoes at Cosmic Film Fest

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