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Mark Cabaroy Strives to Make Something Memorable

For Mark Cabaroy, it all started with a Super 8mm film camera back in junior high. “In the beginning I was self taught…” later taking film courses in high school and then graduating from the School of Visual Arts film school. But what really inspired Mark was a GAF View master slide viewer that he was given at 7 years old. He loved the idea of making images and took up photography, which ultimately lead him to film-making. One of his favorite genres is Science Fiction/ Fantasy – “that’s where the medium of film can really take off in depicting fantastic sights…”

Mark has been on over 40 film projects – including music videos, commercials and a feature. He states that one of his greatest successes was screening his work for a big audience and getting to hear their reactions. “It validated some of my choices and decisions.” Though, he hasn’t gained success without challenges. “Having confidence, trusting my instincts and learning how to delegate authority.” is something he has had to work on throughout his career. His advice for new film-makers? “Do it now, or regret it later.” Cabaroy’s film Angie’s Logs: The Invaders, a Sci-Fi Comedy, will be played at Cosmic Film Festival in February. He says, “I wanted to do a web series that was fun to watch. Something easy to look at even if it was hard to make.” Mark Cabaroy is happiest when creating something wonderful. His main goal in film-making is to enjoy it. He strives to try new things and experiment with film types that he might have shied away from previously. From talking to Mark, it is clear that his success is not determined by awards or money. He says, “it’s making something memorable, something that people will remember long after I’m gone and if they do and smile then that would be a great legacy.”

Learn more about The Invaders Web Series See Angie’s Logs: The Invaders at Cosmic Film Fest

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