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Video Editing


Michael Chan finds ways to connect the big screen to real life

While being deployed in Iraq, Michael would use his off time to watch movies. “It was more of a way to pass time and not think about anything but to be entertained.” He soon began to film and edit short videos to share with his fellow soldiers to help them get through their deployment.

With some production work under his belt he officially began on his filmmaking path in 2009. In order to apply for film schools he needed a portfolio, so he created his first short film. He went on to receive his undergraduate at the University of Southern California and then his graduate degree at the American Film Institute.

Since then Michael has worked on numerous short films and a few studio pictures. Cavities was the sixth film he directed and Marc Chung Protects His Address is his latest creation. With comedy and drama being his favorite genres, Michael hopes to inspire people with his stories. “Filmmaking is not easy. I think the biggest struggle I have is making sure the story is good on paper and on screen. I think it’s important that audience or movie goers can connect with characters on the screen.” He adds a word of advice to others “It’s a tough business, and the hours are long but the process of making a film is rewarding. Tenacity is an important skill because there will be a lot of downs, more than ups.”

Michael would like to thank everyone who has supported him and been a part of his career over the past few years.

“Enjoy the films!”

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