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Nickolas Wolf Can Do It All

When it comes to the entertainment industry, Nickolas Wolf does it all. Nickolas is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, but he started his journey in the industry through acting and modeling. He also works as an interviewer, reporter and YouTuber; uploading content to YouTube every Monday and Friday. Wolf took up filmmaking as a way to reach out to other people. “I started feeling like if the work will not come to me, I will make movies… to reach others.” He has done about 6 different films before working on his latest documentary, The Big M.

The Big M is a documentary on his father’s journey through cancer. “It was hard to follow my dad’s journey.”He would make copies of the documentary to give to family throughout the process. Nickolas tells us, “It would have been the worst stage of melanoma…” if his dad did not get it checked out. We are happy to hear that his father is cancer free for 1 year now. He hopes others can learn from the film.

To anyone thinking about filmmaking, Nickolas says, “Do it . Does not matter if you have zero budget or a big budget.” He goes on to say that if you do not see the films you want, make them yourselves and show others. Nickolas attributes his success to the support of his family. “My mom and dad knows I can not do anything without them . They are the best.” You can check out Nickolas’s various projects via and

Catch The Big M at Cosmic Film Fest

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