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Scott Bateman Funny, Insightful and Real.

Who wants to be a Millionaire? The real question is “Who wants to be a Filmmaker?”. That answer is Scott Bateman. After winning 100,000 on the popular game show Scott took his winnings and made his first feature film. He focused on making experimental funny films, inspired by the 1980 movie The Falls by Peter Greenaway.

He is an all-around diverse filmmaker who is experienced in all aspects of filmmaking from writing to editing. Though editing is his favorite part. He’s comfortable where ever is needed to get the film made. Though his biggest challenge is often getting the film out to the world on a small budget. He wants to make sure when do see the film, you’ll want to watch it over and over again. In fact, when Scott loves a movie, he watches dozens of times. This is what he wants from his audience.

While Scott didn’t go to film school, he has perfected his craft by studying his favorite filmmakers. Again, drawn to Peter Greenaway and his work. One of his favorite aspects of filmmaking is meeting other filmmakers. He has a true appreciation for the filmmaking community.

His advice to anyone wanting to make a film, is to make the film. Now is the best time. If he can do it on a budget of 5,000.00 (The Bateman Lectures on Depression Budget), you can do it too and you should.

Scott Bateman started in animation, creating the PlumTV show Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents in 2007 and the feature film Atom Age Vampire in 2009. He is an award-winning filmmaker with films like You, Your Brain & You and 600 Space Aliens. Scott is also a published author.

Now Scott is making the festival rounds with his latest film The Bateman Lectures on Depression. Get real with Scott, as he brings you his often funny yet serious take on how his depressions feels. You might just relate.

Learn more about Scott and his latest film by visiting:

Come see his film June 15 - 17 at

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