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Filmmaker Overcomes Challenges to Tell Stories She is Passionate About.

Davina Hadar started making movies as early as grade school. In those days all she had was a cheap super 8 movie camera and some basic editing equipment. Her talent and passion for film only grew stronger as she got older.

Her favorite part of the movie making process is getting a feel for the subject matter and seeing it all come together during the editing process.

There are many challenges Davina has had to overcome as a filmmaker. Things like the expense of the needed equipment such as camera,

computer, and sound equipment. Not to mention having to prove herself as a female in this male dominated business. Things improved for her as the film industry started to recognize women as being just as talented as the men.

Davina has always wanted to get into film making because she gets the opportunity to tell other peoples stories about life through their eyes and bring that story to life for the world to see.

Despite the challenge as a female, she has managed to graduate from OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she studied photography, film, animation and design. After graduation she had continued her success in this industry in various capacities.

Davina has a bright future ahead of her with plans on making films about the issues women face in the industry.

To learn more about Davina and her lastest film visit:

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