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Frank Zarrillo was only thirteen when making movies became part of who he is. Inspired by Goodfellas and shows like the Sopranos, Frank has made many movies drawing on his inspirations. And his favorite genre of Gangster films. He wants to make films like Scorsese. He’s is versed in all aspects of filmmaking from writing to editing. He loves the whole process and plans on being one of the best filmmakers in the world. After winning Best Documentary at the San Diego Com Con, he might just be on his way to achieving that goal.

Attending Full Sail University (film school) and continuing his education, Frank has found that his biggest challenge isn’t on the creative side. It’s actually getting the resources needed to make films. “It’s an expensive career path” according to Frank. He’s right too. Indie Filmmakers often find the financial side of filmmaking the most challenging.

As a Filmmaker, making mistakes makes you better. Frank has had the chance to perfect his craft through his work as a writer, location assistant and production assistant on the award-winning series Project Runway and many other films.

“It takes years to get things going. You have to be patient. The longer you stick with it, better things will come. Trust me. Stick with it. Period” motivational words from Frank.

“Have thick skin. Learn about many things besides filmmaking. NETWORK. Learn how to deal with different personalities. Be humble. Make mistakes. Make films – get all of the bad ones out of you early on. Persistence, talent, ambition, passion, and dedication all go hand-in-hand. Get life experiences”

Frank’s current film is a documentary called: The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story. The film follows the life of a wrestler as he deals with turning 30, injuries, trying to get into the WWE and what might be the end of his career if he doesn’t.

Learn more about Frank Zarrillo latest film at:

Come see his work at Cosmic Film Festival June 15 – 17.

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