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Cosmic Film Festival Announces Three Days of Film Screenings in Orlando, June 15-17, 2018

Cosmic Film Festival brings together filmmakers who step outside the box, with awards and distribution options, sponsored by industry professionals.

May 21, 2018

It's agreed, there's a deluge of films that are conformist and not very interesting. Fortunately, the opposite is also true, with many creative filmmakers and a devoted audience, very much appreciating originality and “outside the box thinking”. This exciting space is well represented by Orlando, Florida's Cosmic Film Festival. Now in their 2nd year, the breakthrough film festival recently announced their 2018 fest's June 15th to June 17th dates, with awards and distribution options being handed out by film industry professionals Final Draft, InkTip, and Nandar Pictures. The enthusiasm and excitement leading up to the event by the organizers, sponsors, filmmakers, and guests planning to attend are equally high.

“After such a successful film fest in 2017, we are beyond excited to have our second Cosmic Film Festival coming up soon,” commented the passionate Ranelle Golden, Founder of the event and an experienced indie filmmaker herself. “We can't wait to see the films, what ends up winning the awards, and the other fun side parties and celebrations that enhance our fest's level of fun and community building.”

According to the film fest, submissions had begun to be accepted in October 2018 through and tickets are available from the Cosmic Film Festival directly on their detail-packed website.

Panels and workshops will run the whole weekend, with a wide-range of experts like Casting Directors, Producers, Entertainment lawyers and much more.

In addition to the film screenings, on the agenda is a special Friday Night Fashion Show party and a Body Rock party on Saturday night, offering something for nearly every taste.

Feedback for last year's event was incredibly positive.

Chris S., from Orlando, recently said in a five-star review, “I went to three film fests last year and I really think Cosmic Film Festival was the most exciting and interesting of them all. There's a really unique feel about the event that's totally interesting and compelling. I can't wait for June to get here and see what indie directors are presenting for 2018. I have a feeling it will even outdo last year's fun.”

Both volunteers and vendors are welcome to apply.

For more information be sure to visit

About Cosmic Film Festival

The Cosmic Film Festival is the brainchild of Founder Ranelle Golden, with the vision was to bring passionate filmmakers of all backgrounds together with audiences eager to experience film beyond the mainstream movies. Since launching in 2017, it is our hope to be able to share success stories of an enduring and ever-growing festival for many years to come.

Media Contact

Ranelle Golden 407-247-5070

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