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A big journey ahead

Briah Thomas was only introduced to filmmaking in her freshman year of college. Up until then, her film interests were different. Her parents always took her to see movies every Friday and she absolutely loved. It was an important moment of the week, as she always dressed up like she was going to a party. This was a significant catalyst to her filmmaking aspiration. Briah concludes with: “Film used to be my escape from reality, but now, creating films has made me appreciate just how beautiful life is.”

She loves storytelling, she loves how a film can explore any topic and still be interesting to its audience. Financing a film can be a big hurdle, she says, so learning how to manage your budget is a crucial step. She has a degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas.

Even though filmmaking is not an easy path to take, it has its rewards. Briah felt greatly rewarded with the feedback and support she received from the black community. Her favorite part of filmmaking is being on set and watching the cast and crew make her story come to life. In the future, she hopes to continue releasing films to even bigger audiences.

Her film is called In Stalk. It depicts a story about a woman searching for her boyfriend in a small town where he disappeared. A nightmarish experience follows.

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