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Connecting on and off screen

As far as Emily Troedson can remember, filmmaking has always been a passion. Her parents certainly had an important role in her upbringing. She probably got the love for movies from them, she says. However, her first movie related occupation was acting.

She didn’t go to school for filmmaking. In fact, she first took some acting classes and only then a film class, which she wasn’t officially registered for (she was a student teaching at the time). Thereafter, Emily started out as an actor in commercials and shorts. After spending some years doing that, she decided to take a break. It was during that time that she became really interested in writing and directing. She learned almost everything she knows by reading and watching old movies. Emily has a huge catalog of watched old movies.

Even though the process of making a movie is a generally bumpy road, with various ups and downs, Emily, patiently, always tries to focus on the essential things. Nonetheless, she asserts that what drives her forward is the urge to create new characters, new ideas. She loves to create something meaningful, as well as being able to self-express. Something that other can understand and possibly relate to. That is why she loves to connect with people, both via art (in screen) and off screen.

Emily put it best when she said: “No matter what the project, it's the people who make all the difference.”

Her latest movie is called Blue Balloons and deals with themes of grief, loss and identity.

If you want to watch this movie, check out and enjoy a vast selection of movies that will definitely entertain you.

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