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From acting to filmmaking: same stage, different places

Laura Dowling Shea defines herself as an actress. Her career began with acting in her twenties. She was part of a touring company and Rep company that greatly benefited her career’s growth. As she got to her thirties, things got more difficult and she withdrawn herself from her acting career. She returned to acting in 2015 and was well received. This response made her think about a filmmaker position.

Laura studied theatre in college, however, she never studied filmmaking formally. “I am learning on the job!”, she says. She feels very rewarded when people laugh or sniffle when watching her movies. She states that there is a delayed gratification for filmmakers, compared to when she was acting on stage.

There are many challenges that affect a filmmaker’s career, namely, money. Laura knows the benefits and freedoms that come with a small budget, but she is always ready to take the bigger responsibilities that come with bigger budgets. This is because Laura loves everything about filmmaking. She started making movies 2 years ago and there are no signs that she is going to stop.

When asked about her favorite genre of film, Laura answers: comedy, due to the difficulties present in today’s world. Laughing is good for your soul.

The Spilling is the movie she’s part of. Laura plays the role of a woman that forces her family to search for something, hoping that it will bring her closure.

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