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Passion for film, passion for love – a married couple’s story

Justin & Kristin Schaack have been making films for almost 20 years. This directing duo is a married team that began their partnership in 6th grade. Both of them were interested in music, dance and quirky comedic writing. They soon found out that a film was the best way to meld their interests. They both learned filmmaking in college, Kristin went to Chapman University and Justin to University of Southern California.

This lovely couple loves the moments of inspirations that ignite during the whole filmmaking process. For example, when a piece of wardrobe establishes a whole color palette for a film. These ephemeral moments can determine a big part of the process. They love it when “a spark of an idea can turn a blank page into an original screenplay.” The creative process certainly gives them a sense of thrill and enjoyment.

This film fanatic couple strongly believes in laughter. They love brightening someone’s day with a good joke and a relatable story. Even though, things aren’t ideal, they certainly are getting better and this quirky original couple intends to make films together until they are 105 years old!

The movie they released is called Rag Dolls. It is a story about a girl that discovers rag dolls in an antique chest. It has moments of comedy and romance that tell a very interesting story.

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