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From photography to film - a quirky coincidence

Vigil Bose grew up in India until the age of 25. He was part of a theatre group called “The Little Theatre”. During that time, he developed his acting skills and storytelling skills. He tried a few roles in different Television series, in the 90’s. When he came to the US, his desire to pursue the visual medium increased. For a while, he tried photography and that led him to handling the camera in several short movies.

Vigil never thought of directing a film until 2017. He never formally studied filmmaking. He asserts that he is a good observer of what the other filmmakers are doing. What he loves the most about making films is the ability to build a story, the ability to create something positive that can touch many hearts. He feels greatly rewarded when others see his film and talk about it. Even though sometimes, finding distributors that will trust him as a commercial filmmaker is challenge, he loves every part of making a film. He says: “A film is like nurturing a baby through its infant stage to adulthood.”

His film is called Fall. It is inspired by observing the experiences of those

overseas deployed US undercover agents who were ruthlessly successful in infiltrating insurgent operations. The protagonist of the film is an ex-undercover agent of Indian heritage. The idea of the film is to present to the world a diverse view of the American law enforcement personnel and their lives.

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