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Making the (Jump)Cut

From an early age, Stefanie Davis enjoyed being in front of a camera. While her father was overseas, her mother and grandmothers would videotape her interacting with her two younger sisters. During Junior High School, she earned the lead role in “Annie, Jr.”. That was when she discovered her love for the stage.

She began as an actress when she moved to Tampa, Florida. As time went on, she eventually got tired of the roles she was auditioning for. Stephanie wanted to see more meaningful stories as well as comedy. That is when she decided to become a filmmaker.

Her filmmaking path is challenged by the usual suspect, money. However, she asserts that it also very important to find the right team for each specific project. She highlights that “Not all projects are alike and require different talents.” She also thinks that working with the team on set and seeing the script come to life even better than it was written is a key element in good filmmaking. Stephanie feels greatly rewarded when someone tells her that her film spoke to them.

Stephanie is a fan of comedy and heart felt dramas. In the future, she plans to keep creating stories along with traveling the world to make them.

Her lastest film is called: I now pronounce you. It is labeled with the following tag: “Marriage is a conquest, a battle to end all wars.” If you want to watch this movie, check out and enjoy a vast selection of movies that will definitely entertain you.

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