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Tone by tone: A musical filmmaker

Zack Williams’ first true passion was music. He loved being a musician. His interest in filmmaking only truly sprouted when he got to college. He delved a little bit in acting and in video editing. During his college days, he used to be really involved in the campus television station. With a lot of help from his university, he was able to debut his first short film, a movie regarding mental health awareness.

Most of his filmmaking knowledge comes from his college days as well as some classes regarding the basics of filmmaking. However, the most daunting challenge Zack faces is his lack of confidence. He comments that sometimes, most of the obstacles he faces are self-imposed.

Nevertheless, there is something absolutely fascinating about making a film, to Zack. The magic moment happens when he adds music to his film. The film serves as the perfect canvas for all of his interests.

Zack also highlights the importance of a trustful and cooperative team. As he says: “…when it comes down to it, you’re completely dependent on their collaboration.” He tells that sometimes a good collaboration is better than his original ideas.

Paper Dolls is a movie directed by Zack Williams. It depicts a color-blind future where individuals are forced to use strict dress codes, along with large white masks, in order to co-exist.

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