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From “claymations”, to creative filmmaking collaborations

Eric Chaussé likes to say that he has always been making movies. He started very young by making stop-motion animations with his action figures, Legos and sometimes just plain clay. He wasn’t a very good sculptor so his “claymations” were very peculiar. They had real objects coming into frame and the clay would come in and cover everything like a blob thing and roll off. He admits it was not great, but it was fun.

His inspiration for filmmaking comes from love at first sight. As soon as he saw his first live action movie he knew he wanted to make them. Eric says that “They were like stories his parents told or his dreams at night… but real.”. Ultimately, he wanted to do the same, he wanted to tell stories.

Eric admits that he studied a lot. Whenever he had the chance, he would attend video classes or stage production classes. He did a couple of short films in high school and went to university to an undergraduate film directing program.

He is really proud of the people he met during his life, especially the creative people he met during his collaborations. His best advice to new filmmakers is to “surround yourself with as many people as you can.” By doing this, Eric can successfully overcome his difficulty of writing complex scripts.

His film is called Seven. It is an experimental sci-fi film that Eric hopes to

have a sequel one day. Be sure to watch it! If you want to watch this movie, check out and enjoy a vast selection of movies that will definitely entertain you.

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