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Image by image - drawing a movie

Eileen O'Meara really enjoys drawing. She began making movies in grade school with her friend Judie. According to Eileen, she made Super-8 movies with “Marlena Perkins' Wild Kingdom: Hunt for the Chocolate Mousse". Nowadays, she enjoys thinking of an idea and sketching it, trying to figure out how to best communicate it as a sequence of images. Her inspiration to become filmmaker was best described by her when she said: “After years doing art and photography, adding the element of time seemed like a natural fit.”. To pursue this dream, she went to Notre Dame for art undergrad and then went to USC Film School.

She faces various challenges natural to this type of occupation: it is always hard to get funding; plus, sometimes, it is hard to recreate her own ideas with real world images; finally, promoting movies can be excruciating. However, she feels a sense of satisfaction when other people connect to her work.

She enjoys movies with emotionally engaging and suspenseful stories,

which, she admits, are traits of a visionary mind. Eileen is an artist deservedly recognized for her hand-drawn films “Agnes Escapes from the Nursing Home” and “That Strange Person”. In the future she plans to keep making movies, experimenting with new things and techniques.

Her film is called “Panic Attack!”. It is a beautiful hand-drawn animation that explores anxiety, obsession and one woman's slippery hold on reality.

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