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Video Editing


Two sides of the same coin

Tom Hartig received a basic camcorder at the age of 12 and decided to make a mockumentary about his family’s dog dog. That was his first experience behind the camera. He eventually revisited filmmaking in high school, as part of a filmmaking class and continued regularly on into college.

Regarding Johnny Lynch, who Tom believes deserves as much recognition as him for this film, he began making movies in high school in Scott Southard’s media classes. He values the freedom he had during that time, which allowed him to make exciting projects that helped him steer his career.

Tom wholeheartedly enjoys writing, as it is a very creatively indulgent part of the filmmaking process. However, in his recent movie he really enjoyed the casting and rehearsal. On the other hand, Johnny prefers the editing process. He likes it when things start to look like what he had envisioned before he started shooting.

Sometimes, there are some obstacles that need to be overcome. Most of

these obstacles concern gear/equipment limitations, in the case of Tom, or both gear and time constraints, regarding Johnny. The one thing that they both enjoy is to build relationships and grow into communities through the work they do.

Their film is called “The Bike Path”. Tom is the writer, director, producer and Johnny is the director of photography and editor. If you want to watch this movie, check out and enjoy a vast selection of movies that will definitely entertain you.

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