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Drifting feelings

Hazhir As'adi was born in Sanandaj, Iran. He graduated at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society and began making movies when he was twenty-two years old. Of all the parts of the process of filmmaking, he really enjoys writing. He has won various awards throughout the years. In recent years, he won awards in London, India, Canada and USA.

He says that the filmmaking process, in Iran, is very difficult. In other countries, money is a problem to a certain extent, however, in Iran, generally, there are fewer incentives to pursue a filmmaking career. Therefore, to Hazhir, the biggest challenge he faces is the budget. Nevertheless, he truly enjoys when people connect with his work. When they can sincerely feel the message, he put in his films. He hopes he can continue to do this in the future, and he also aims to be a bigger and famous filmmaker.

Hazhir’s film is called “Blows with the wind”. It depicts the story of a

scarecrow that becomes human. Initially the scarecrow goes through some hard and unpleasant times. At that moment, he becomes human so that he can drift away from those situations. As he drifts away, he realizes that his former conditions were not so bad after all. Therefore, he has to make a decision, whether or not to return to its former life. It’s a really interesting dilemma.

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