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Video Editing


From Super 8mm to the huge screen

System started making films when he was a kid. Back in the old days of S-VHS and Super 8mm, 16mm. His inspiration to become a filmmaker doesn't have a particular memorable moment. Instead, it stems from his desire to tell a story and experimenting with new techniques.

Photo images and travelling also influenced him a lot in his filmmaking career. He finds it hard when, in the beginning of a new project, he has to manage a budget as well as when he needs to find the right people for the job. He likes people who know how to organize well the shooting. His experience in filmmaking comes from the years he spent as an assistant director, assistant camera, sound and editing.

However, he also went to school to learn acting, cinematography and music. He loves almost everything about filmmaking: the editing, the writing, the music and even finding the correct locations to shoot. He felt very rewarded when he entered 20th Century Fox Studios to mix his film. He also enjoyed seeing his film in a huge screen with the audience. Additionally, he also enjoyed talking to people at Sony Picture Studios, even if they did not buy his film.

System’s best advice to new filmmakers is: “Don’t copy others, find your own way. Don't follow the standards, do things with what you have got. You need to fail 1000 times before success. Everybody has his/her own way to do things, so never listen to any advice, not even this one.”

System’s movie is called “One, Two, Guess Who's Who.” If you want to watch this movie, check out and enjoy a vast selection of movies that will definitely entertain you.

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