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Derrick T. Lewis on making an impact with 'Every Second (Make It Count)' & where it all began

Directed by Derrick T. Lewis & Bruce Wabbit


Q&A with Derrick T. Lewis

Winner of Best Music Video - August 2022

Q1: Your song is titled, Every Second (Make It Count). Tell us what that title means to you.

The title of the song means to live your life to the absolute fullest, don't let the negative things get in the way of obtaining your goals and dreams. You only get one life so make the most of it and do things on your own terms. No regrets and be unapologetic for who you are.

Q2: What was the inspiration behind the Every Second (Make It Count) music video concept?

It was an inspiration that I wish I didn't have to do. It was a response to the George Floyd murder that took place in May 2020. It made me very sad and then I realized that as an artist I have to speak out about this in a way that isn’t hateful or giving a negative vibe. I wanted to let the world know that we are one human race needing to treat each other better and to let go of all prejudices.

Q3: At the beginning of the music video, we see you walking through the streets of New York City at night while the sound of a ticking clock is heard. What impact do you think that imagery made on the message of your song?

Well growing up across the river from New York City, I will always have a deep love for that place. Over the years I always envisioned of doing a music video there so it made sense when we were coming up with the concept of the video being shown on a billboard that New York City would be the place to do it.

Q4: You directed Every Second (Make It Count) alongside Bruce Wabbit. Was this your first experience directing a music video?

Actually yes, but this was a team effort with me and Bruce. Since this was film during the early part of the pandemic, everything was done remotely since I’m on the East Coast in the United States and he’s on the West Coast in Canada. It was a challenge in so many ways but it taught me a great lesson in multitasking the right way and set small goals that’ll get you where you need to be.

Q5: What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

It was a HUGE part of my early years. Having parents that were in the music industry, it allowed me to get a free education of so many different genres, eras and the unique recording artists that made their mark.

Q6: Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

MADONNA!!!! My idol. My inspiration. She is my favorite recording artist of all time. I've learned so much from her approach to writing music, the creativity behind it especially her music videos just by observing over the years, especially attending her concerts. Let’s just say that the Every Second song and music video has a heavy Madonna influence.

Q7: How would you describe your musical style?

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Dance music is the core of who I am. It's such a fun vibe and the music moves you.

Q8: Every Second (Make It Count) hits on some very important topics. If there's one thing people should take away from the video and song, what would you want them to know?

I just want them to walk away knowing that this song is very uplifting and the message of the video is important. Watch it with an open mind and the message will be crystal clear; Love is the glue that holds everything together in the world.

Q9: Can you tell us about any of your upcoming music projects?

I’m currently working on a record with a producer NTFRMHRE and another record with producer Aezon.

Q10: Where can people listen to the Every Second (Make It Count) EP?

You can listen to “Every Second” on ALL music platforms at this link. You can get your latest DTL t-shirts and hoodies at Follow me on Instagram @TheRealDTLew, Twitter @TheRealDTLew, Facebook Derrick T Lewis Official Page, and of course my official website is

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