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Judge Spotlight: Jun Li

Jun Li, SOC is an acclaimed camera and Steadicam Operator who serves in I.A.T.S.E International Cinematographer Guild (Local 600). He is also an active member in Society of Camera Operators, an internationally recognized professional honorary society.

Established his career in film industry, Jun has operated Camera/Steadicam for over 200 distinguished projects not only in film but also in commercials and music industry, including Take Out with Lisa Ling (HBOmax), The Patient (Hulu), Grey Elephant (Amazon Prime), The History of Sitcoms (CNN), Official Music Video “City of God” (by Kanye West, ft. Alicia Keys & Fivio), “California” (by 88Rising), commercial for Apple iPhone 13Pro, Meta, Google Pixel Buds, Mazda CX-90, Vogue, and more.

His crafts in camera operating has contributed to achieve film award recognitions for films that he participated. Amy’s Gift was recognized with a Special Jury Prize in Awareness Film Festival; Way Out received the Gold Remi Award in 52nd Worldfest Houston; and his most recent work, Keeping Time, had world premiere at 2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam.



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