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"We never gave up" | Q&A with Adel Mashoori, Director of House of Fortune - Best International Short

House of Fortune


Rahil mohajer was buried alive by her husband and her father on her wedding night because they thought she wasn't a virgin.


A Q&A with Adel Mashoori

Tell us your film name, the category you won for, and where the idea for your film came from?



The original idea of the film was related to an old challenge to make a movie using only a lighter or a mobile screen as its lighting. After my meetings with Nassim, this technical idea became a short film alongside Nassim's concerns about women's rights.

What were the toughest aspects of creating this film? How did you overcome them?

One primary challenge we had in this movie was recording it with the light of the lighter and the mobile screen, and we didn't want to use artificial lights, which made it much more difficult because we had to record the entire film in the darkness.

What inspired you to enter into the world of filmmaking?

Fortuitously, I loved music and sound design for films; I had a personal sound studio, and I was working in this field. The only reason for making my first personal films was to show my dubbing capability, and this filmmaking caused me to pursue film directing more seriously.

Do you have long-term goals for filmmaking? What are they?

Currently, I'm the managing director of the Tarlan Film Institute, and in addition to producing and directing my works, I'm trying to be more active as a producer, and my goal is to create, distribute and present Tarlan Film products worldwide.

Tell us a funny anecdote or a memorable moment from creating this film.

Me and Nassim Afsharpour were starting a cinematic project, but Corona came and did not let that project reach its end. We decided to produce a short film not to violate the National Anti-Corona Headquarters' limitations and protocols during our consultation. For this reason, we produced a movie with a single actress and did most of the work ourselves, which came to the extent that we had only to put our names in the entire end credits. Finally, because of our friendship and always working together, almost all of the film crew was written as Adel Mashoori and Nassim Afsharpour.

Do you have any film-making influences or people you look up to?

I am very interested in Christopher Nolan's and Tarantino's films.

Do you have a favorite film project that you have done? Why?

After the House of Fortune production, we decided to produce its cinematic feature film to display in the movie theatres; we wrote the script together and applied for the filming permit from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. We hope to start the production next month.

What advice would you share with someone wanting to make their first movie?

Never stop trying; we suffered so much to produce our short film, but we never gave up; we endeavored to achieve the results eventually.

What are you going to do next?

Presently, we have a TV series and a documentary under production, other than the cinematic film mentioned earlier, and I hope to produce more successful films.

Where can we find more about you? Plug any social media links or info you'd like to share!


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