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Betty H. Breeden discusses The Book "False Prophet" & she overcame odds to create CFF's Best Feature

The Book "False Prophet"


Pastor Jack: The Pastor of the People's Church, is a well-dressed young man with an approach to pastoral leadership that can best be described as both cunning and worldly. Pastor Jack knows how to attract the ladies, he's a connoisseur of fine clothes, and places emphasis on money rather than the parishioners he has been given to serve, and most of all his wife and children of whom he has neglected to turn to gambling and women. He has allowed the enemy to control his life. He's somehow forgotten that he will be held accountable for his actions. Some have called him "The False Prophet", others a Womanizer and some The Gambler. What will happen when he stands before the judgment? Will he be given a second chance to make it right?


A Q&A with Betty Humphrey Breeden

Tell us your film name, the category you won for, and where the idea for your film came from?

The name of the film is The Book "False Prophet". We won in the following categories. Betty Humphrey Breeden, Troy D Williams and Kenneithia Mitchell... Best Feature Film/The Book" False Prophet" ...The idea came from the fact that I've always wanted to be a writer and filmmaker.

What were the toughest aspects of creating this film? How did you overcome them?

The toughest aspects are the negative minds that would tell me that I could not expect to do a feature film without a certain amount of money. And at the time there was a pandemic and I was in and out of work. I overcame that by trusting God and making sure I had positive people to work with that could see the vision of what I wanted to do. Then I was contracted to work from home. I put the money I was making toward the film. I found the filming locations first and put up a deposit locked in the filming dates before we started filming.

What inspired you to enter into the world of filmmaking?

I was writing and producing stage plays for many years and was spending money and not making any. The videographers I hired weren't doing a good job at making the videos from the play for me to sell them. In 2017 it happened again. After praying and asking God for direction, and being led by Him, I decided to make a film, this way it could be screened in many places.

Do you have long-term goals for filmmaking? What are they?

Yes I do. I plan to continue writing scripts and making films with them. Preferably feature films opposed to short films. I have two or three in my database. Once I have the funds, I will audition and follow the same pattern unless God says otherwise. I would love to sell it or get a good Distribution Deal.

Tell us a funny anecdote or a memorable moment from creating this film.

The role of Deacon Joe in the meeting with the elders when he promised not to mention the conversation about Pastor Jack and as soon as the ladies left, he called the pastor. And when Sister Singer called his home to inquire where pastor Jack was the way he responded.

Do you have any film-making influences or people you look up to?

Not really. I can appreciate Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry in some of his films. I just love Blue Blood, Bull and the stories on Hallmark. That's three that really inspire me and make me want to continue writing.

Do you have a favorite film project that you have done? Why?

The product that I have done is The Book "False Prophet". Currently; that's the only one that I have done. It's my favorite because of the exposure and the way it has touched and changed lives. Also because it is my first one that hit the Big Screen with such an impact..

What advice would you share with someone wanting to make their first movie?

First you need to write down the synopsis and decide what message they want to deliver to the audience.

⦁ Create a story in their mind.

⦁ Decide what how you want the storyline to end

⦁ Know the purpose of the movie.

⦁ When you hear something in your mind. Write it down and decide where you want to put it in the script later if it makes sense.

⦁ Decide how many characters you want in the movie, what type of characters. Select the names of each character. Picture what you want them to look like, when you are done with the script. Book a Casting Call and interview the prospective candidate.

⦁ Always ask them their "WHY" do they want to be in the movie. There are many things one may want to consider before making their first movie.

What are you going to do next?

I have two or three scripts in my database that I plan to screenwrite and make a film once I get the funds to do it.

Where can we find more about you? Plug any social media links or info you'd like to share!

Phone # 321-663-6704 Via Text

Facebook: Betty Humphrey Breeden

Cast of Destined 4 Greatness Production LLC


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