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"A horror coming of age story" | Steven Bogart discusses his script, The Calling

The Calling


A naïve teenage girl rebels against the father she dearly loves and uncovers a dark family secret that changes her forever.


A Q&A with Steven Bogart

Tell us your script name, the category you won for, and where the idea for your script came from? The Calling. Best Feature Screenplay. The idea came from a devised theatre project I directed about teenagers into blood sharing and other extreme behaviors. What were the toughest aspects of creating this script? How did you overcome them? The toughest aspect was finding and adding the American Revolution and Civil War scenes into the story. I overcame it through research and lots of rewrites. What inspired you to enter into the world of screenwriting? I thought it would make a cool horror coming of age story for film. Do you have long-term goals for screenwriting? What are they? I want to keep writing scripts and find an agent who can help me sell and get the scripts produced. Besides screenwriting, have you been apart of any other aspect of filmmaking (i.e. Directing, Producing, etc)? What? Yes. I’m currently preparing to direct a micro budget feature I cowrote with a friend. Do you have any screenwriting/film influences or people you look up to? Yes. Alexandre Jodorowsky, Guillermo del Toro, and Jane Campion. What's your process for creating script concepts? I do a lot of deep breathing and free-writing until an image or character emerges that leads me to a concept. What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out with scripts? Write, write, write. Don’t doubt yourself. Find a good mentor who knows the craft and who is invested in you as a writer. What are you going to do next? I’m working on a new horror feature. Where can we find more about you? Plug any social media links or info you'd like to share! Twitter - @stevenbogart


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