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Sarah Smith Festival Judge

Sarah Elizabeth Smith is an award winning actress, director, screenwriter and producer currently based in Ohio. She began performing at the age of three when her parents enrolled her in ballet class. She became involved in film in 2010 doing background work,  and then a few years later taught herself how to write screenplays by picking up a book. She wrote her first completed script during her senior year at Kent State after creating the concept from information she found during a late night study session. In order to convince herself film wasn't a viable path (she was a Justice Studies Major), she submitted her script to a competition she thought she had no chance at. Her script later advanced to the semi-finals of the Page International Screenwriting Competition. Sarah went on to attend Stowe Story Labs and take any opportunity she could over the next several years learning from as many industry professionals as possible. 


Sarah is passionate about independent, small budget and locally produced films, and thrives to bring the joy of film to any set she is lucky to be a part of because she realizes how fortunate she is. During the pandemic, she hosted a virtual writing group for local screenwriters, had served as a script consultant for local projects, and judged festivals from academy qualifying to student events. She enjoys using what she has learned over the years from creating her own content and studies to help others any way she can while continuing to grow herself.


In her( few) spare moments, Sarah enjoys spending time with her fur babies, Ellie and Clara as well as her friends and family. She is also an avid Cleveland sports fan. 

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