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Tian Liu Festival Judge

Tian Liu is an acclaimed Chinese cinematographer and photographer whose knowledge and experience have contributed to numerous film projects, both short and long-form, and whose still photography has been published in numerous international publications, including China Daily, Vogue Italy, and more. This year’s Cannes Film Festival will be screening Tian’s most recent film, “The Best Date Ever,” directed by Cherry Cao. Having developed her passion for the visual arts and put this passion into practice early, Tian has already amassed 17 years experience in photography. Her areas of expertise include narrative film, fashion films, reality TV, and documentaries. Tian has served in the capacity of cinematographer on over 40 film projects, a number of which were captured on 16 or 35mm film, making Tian one of the very few female cinematographers of her generation versed in and loyal to motion pictures’ original medium.

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