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'Vengeance' co-director discusses film that won Best First Time Filmmaker in Cosmic Film Fest



Directed by Dominick Brown & Jeffrey Brady


A devastated boyfriend seeks vengeance for his girlfriends murder but gets in way too deep.


Q&A with Jeffrey Brady

Q1: Tell us a little about Vengeance, Winner of Best First Time Filmmaker in the festival.

Vengeance tells the story of Ray, a teen whose world is turned upside down when his girlfriend is murdered by the Black Skull Terrorist Organization. He and his three friends begin an epic quest for justice that pits them against assassins, crazed lunatics in the woods, and even each other.

Q2: Where did the idea for this film come from?

The concept for Vengeance started with this: we want to make a cool action movie on no budget. We started designing unique characters and set pieces that would make an interesting world. We wanted a compelling, understandable antagonist who you could really root against and a plot that keeps you guessing at what will happen next.

Q3: What were some key challenges when making this film? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge we faced was scheduling. We had an incredible cast, but no money to pay them, so finding times when everyone was available quickly became one of our biggest headaches. If it wasn’t for the incredible patience of our cast and crew, the project would’ve been doomed from the start.

Q4: Tell us a funny anecdote or a memorable moment from making this film.

We have so many because everyone was so great, but we were in a radio warehouse filming and accidentally locked the door behind us and the owner who let us in already left the location, so we had some of the cast actually trying their best to scale the side of the building to reach the 10ft windows to get in.

Q5: How did you get into the film industry?

We (Jeffrey Brady and Dominick Brown) both attended the same high school, and started out doing comical 10 minute skits for fun and theatrical plays together, we were both involved in another movie with Scotty Whitehurst called Zelda Oblivion Rising, that started our love for filmmaking.

Q6: What films or filmmakers have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

One of the most influential filmmakers for us is Peter Jackson. Watching the behind the scenes of Lord of the Rings was what got me into filmmaking in the first place. Also Quentin Tarantino is a huge inspiration to Dominick.

Q7: Do you have a favorite film project that you have done? Why?

So far anything both Dominick Brown and myself have started seems to have amazing visions and comes out very well, we are a great team.

Q8: What advice would you share with a new filmmaker about filmmaking or the industry?

The biggest advice I can give to future filmmakers is to do your research and know what you’re doing before you start. Make sure you’ve done your homework and preproduction will go smoothly. Understand lighting, sound design, and pacing. Make a storyboard. I can’t stress this enough, but make sure you finish your script before you start filming. Too many directors jump the shark and they end up paying for it.

Q9: Can you tell us about any of your upcoming projects?

Dominick Brown recently completed a skit called "wanna grab a burrito" and hes now producing music under the stage name Kinimod. As of right now I'm finishing college but will be back in the film industry soon.

Q10: Where can people find out more about your work?

Dominick's instagram is @my_name_is_dominick and mine is @thejeffreybrady. Dominick’s YouTube channel is youtube.con/domsquadnation.

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